5kVA Axpert & 3.5kWh PylonTech Battery

5kVA Axpert & 3.5kWh PylonTech Battery

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The best 'bang for buck' solar ready inverter on the market!

The 5kVA Axpert is the tried-and-tested champion of the solar-ready inverter market. Ask your neighbour, they've probably got one!

The inverter is solar ready allowing you to add PV panels which will reduce your electricity bill and provide battery charging during extended power outages (Did anybody say stage 4 load-shedding?!)

 Add a GreenHouse Inverter Monitoring System to see your inverter stats live on your smartphone or tablet!

System Includes:

  • 5kVA/4kW Axpert Inverter (48V) including pre-configuration by the GreenHouse Shop - Datasheet
  • 1 x PylonTech US3000B Plus 3.5kWh Lithium Battery - Datasheet
  • PylonTech Cable kit
  • 1 x PylonTech multi-battery buckle
  • Input & Output AC Cable (including standard 3-pin plugs)


Optional Extras:

  • Additional Batteries for extended backup time
  • Battery Cabinet
  • Solar PV Array
  • Bypass switch
  • GreenHouse Inverter Monitoring System
  • Installation by GreenHouse


What can this power and for how long?

  • The usable capacity of the PylonTech US3000B Plus lithium-ion battery is 3000Wh. 
  • The inverter is approximately 90% efficient which means that 90% of the energy stored in the battery can be converted into usable AC power to supply the load. This implies that the net energy available to your appliances is 2700Wh.
  • 2700Wh of energy is sufficient to supply a constant load of approximately 500W over a period of five hours or 1000W over two and a half hours etc.

Here are some of the typical power consumption figures for average household appliances:

  • 40inch LED TV = 80W
  • Internet Modem/Router = 20W
  • LED downlighter = 5W (Per lightbulb)
  • DSTV decoder= 75W
  • Small to medium fridge = 150W
  • A desktop computer including monitor = 130W

What does installation involve:

Method 1: The "quick" installation

Due to the high demand for backup power systems, we include a few essential components to allow for a rapid installation.

  1. Mount the inverter on a wall, nearby to an AC power outlet
  2. Connect the battery to the inverter
  3. Plug the AC input cable via an included standard 3-pin plug into an AC power outlet
  4. Plug your desired appliances (Bearing in mind the capacity of your inverter) into the AC outlet cable with an included 3-pin plug receiver (Similar to plugging into the end of an extension cord).


Method 2: The comprehensive installation

The inverter output and input can be wired directly into your distribution board allowing a seamless changeover to battery power when a power failure occurs. This requires an experienced and specialised electrician to separate "backup" circuits from"standard" circuits in your electrical distribution board and connecting those appropriate circuits to the output of the inverter.